Terrified dogs found side by side after going missing for 61 days

Dogs run away quite often, but fortunately, they tend to come come home after a while.

But when two foster dogs disappeared into the Canadian wilderness last winter, the situation looked grim.

After being rescued from hoarder who neglected them, the two border collies were taken to the Victoria, British Columbia Humane Society.

A few days later, the dogs jumped the shelter’s fence and ran into the woods.

A large search began and the local community joined in to help find the two dogs.

For months, volunteers worked tirelessly to locate the animals, putting up over 500 posters in the area, as well as setting up five thermal imaging units and combing the woods with bloodhounds.

“There was no chance that we wouldn’t find them, because we weren’t going to give up,” said Penny Stone, director of the Humane Society of Victoria.

And after 61 days, the dogs showed up on one of the thermal cameras.

The team then set up a trap to catch the two border collies and bring them back to the shelter.

Because of their earlier trauma and their time in the wild, the dogs are afraid of humans dogs. And while the dogs still have a long way to go before they will trust people again, the shelter staff thinks this will change soon.

“We know that starting here, we’re going forward and these dogs’ lives are just going to get better,” said Penny Stone.

And as you can see in the video below, these two dogs, have a bond like no other!

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