Baby takes a nap, but when he’s joined by two tiny puppies, my heart melts

I think all parents of young children can recognize the indescribable feeling of love flowing through their entire body as they watch their little ones dream away in a peaceful nap. 

Yes, few things can quite compare with the sweetness of that experience. But lo and behold- I found one that even surpasses it!

It’s a baby sleeping… alongside two tiny, adorable puppies!

This video is, needless to say, melting hearts and bringing huge smiles to faces everywhere. 

In it a baby quite literally cuddles alonside the tiniest, cutest two pups. Together, they are simply the sweetest trio ever.

They snuggle for warmth and made me want to cuddle right by them. 

All I can say is these three are going to certainly grow up together as the best of friends! 


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