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The police hear sounds from inside abandoned house – what they discover moves me to tears

While patroling in the streets of Chicago, two policemen heard some odd noises coming from an old, abandoned house.

A shrill whining sound stretched all the way out to the street from the house- prompting the officers to break into the old building to find out what it was.

They had no idea what was making the noise until, to their shock, they noticed two figures moving in the dark…


Two dogs were locked in the abandoned house. 

The poor animals looked like walking skeletons, just skin and bones.

The police officers, shocked by their discovery immediately led the dogs out of the house and brought them to the nearest animal rights organization, the Trio Animal Foundation.

Their future looked grim, but the cops kept their fingers crossed that things could potentially look up for the poor pups.

Facebook/Trio Animal Foundation

Staff from the animal shelter named the dogs Emmy and Oscar.

When they were brought in, Emmy weighed just nine kilograms and Oscar had breathing difficulties as well as impaired kidney function.

Emmy, pictured below, was so weak that she could barely stand upright on her own. At first, she had to be carried around by the shelter workers.

Facebook/Trio Animal Foundation

Oscar was immediately transferred to an animal hospital for examination.

The vets carefully fed Oscar in increments – too much food at once could kill him.

Facebook/Trio Animal Foundation

It took three months for the dogs to get back on their feet, but they eventually regained both their strength and playfulness.

Of course, staying at the animal shelter forever was not a long-term solution, and they were put for adoption.

Facebook/Trio Animal Foundation

Although it was difficult for the staff to say goodbye, they were thrilled when a family soon came by and chose to adopt Emmy.

One of the animal hospital’s own veterinarians, Anthony, decided to bring Emmy home.

Facebook/Trio Animal Foundation

Oscar has also found a new family who has pledged to love and protect him. Thankfully, he recovered quickly!

Facebook/Trio Animal Foundation

Oscar’s adoptive parent, Tyson, already owns a female American bulldog named Aspen.

So in addition to a new, loving family, Oscar got a sister to play with!

Facebook/Trio Animal Foundation

It’s amazing that the police found these two in the first place and I’m so glad that they reacted so promptly, after realizing the seriousness of the situation. That these dogs got a second chance at life just made my day! 

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