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The tourists take a refreshing dip in the pool – when they get an unexpected visit

Deep in the savannah, things can get very hot. So what better solution than to take a nice cool bath?

That’s precisely what the tourists in this clip staying at the Elephany Sands campsite in northeastern Bothswana, Africa, opted to do on a hot summer day. They threw on their bathing gear and hopped into the cool, secluded pool in their yard.

Little did they know – or anticipate – the visit of a rather large visitor who soon came by to say hello…

As the couple sits cooling off in the pool, they are suddenly and unexpectedly joined by a majestic elephant.

Just like the humans in the clip, it seems the elephant was a little hot that day – so he casually stops by the edge of the pool and has a few hearty gulps of the swimming pool’s chlorine free water.

When he feels he’s all done, he simply backs slowly away from the pool and heads back out into the savannah – leaving the tourists sitting completely speechless after experienced such an unbelievable and once in a lifetime encounter.

Watch the clip here:


I’m not sure what I would have done if it was me who’d come face to face with such an amazing and majestic creature – only a few feet away from me. What an experience! Share this article with your family and friends if you enjoyed watching this encounter unfold.

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