These Farmers Are Horrified When They Fear Their Ducklings Have Been Eaten. But The Family Cat Has A Secret.

When their newly hatched ducklings suddenly disappeared, husband and wife Ronan and Emm, immediately suspected that their cat Della must have eaten them up. But the Irish couple couldn’t be more wrong. Della had indeed stolen them, but she had a secret reason for taking the little fluffy ducklings.

The couple looked all over their farm before they finally found one of their ducklings—in the mouth of their cat, Della. Fortunately, the duckling was still alive, and it turns out, it wasn’t the only one. Della’s maternal instinct was so strong that she kidnapped all of the ducklings for the sole purpose of nursing the little ones. 

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But the story doesn’t end there!

Ronan and Emm allowed Della to keep the ducklings, and a few weeks later, they are still inseparable. The ducks are certainly big enough to fend for themselves. Still, they follow their “mother” wherever she goes. How sweet!


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To see this farmyard family’s amazing story, watch the video below!

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