They were on a dog meat farm ready to be slaughtered – until this team arrived

Although dogs are often said to be man’s best friend, there are still places in the world where they are slaughtered and sold as meat.

Dogs Faith, Hope, & Grace were among 26 dogs found at a dog meat farm. They were being kept in cramped, small cages, counting down the days until their captors slaughtered them and sold them as meat.

Their cages were made from scrap pieces of metal and contained lots of dangerous, sharp pieces.

They were kept with other dogs for one reason – to be slaughtered.

But one day, everything changed for the cute canines, when rescuers from Humane Society International.

HSI shut down the dog meat farm and brought all 26 dogs to the Washington, D.C. area where they were placed with the amazing Emergency Placement Partners.

At the shelter, they had the chance to finally run around and play.

And were no longer confined to a small cell.

All of them now have their ‘forever homes’ – and will never again face the prospect of being someone’s meal.

Watch their full inspirational story in the video below:

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