This Artist Turns Discarded Scraps Of Dead Wood And Rusted Metal Into Lifelike Sculptures.

We’ve all seen clouds the look like horses, waves, mountains, or almost anything, really. But how many of us see the potential of everyday objects like scrap metal or fallen branches to become things of beauty? While most people pass them by, Jason Waldron sees the power of transformation. The artist takes aged wood and rusted metal that he finds near his home in central Oregon and turns them into sculptures that like they could come to life at any moment.

Jason finds the scrap wood and metal that pieces together to create his energetic sculptures in the wilderness, recycling centers, and junk yards of central Oregon.

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sculpture 3

Jason has always loved art, and he found a way to connect it to his love of nature after stumbling on a wood-carving demonstration.

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Jason soon started carving wood, and says, “I got a log from a friend and picked up a cheap electric chainsaw and started carving a great horned owl swooping in for its prey. I loved it so much that I quit my job the next day, which was over 14 years ago.”

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While Jason shapes some of the pieces of wood or metal he finds, he leaves most of them in their natural state.

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Jason sees a powerful parallel between the coming together of discarded materials into one piece of art and the healing process that leads us to become complete and balanced people.

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“Like these materials,” he says, “we are all being shaped through the elements of life… as we unite our weathered and broken selves in true love.”

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Jason’s work shows looking at the ordinary in our lives can open up a world of possibilities, and that even the oldest, most beat-up parts of ourselves are worth celebrating.

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See more of Jason’s work, including videos of his process, on his website, as well as on YouTube and Facebook.

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