This bull was doomed to death – now living dream life in farmhouse instead

Frenchman Christophe Tomas has always had a special love for animals. A few years back he decided to do something special to help support animal rights.

But Christophe didn’t just head to his local shelter to rescue a stranded cat or stray dog. Instead, he adopted a bull from Barcelona who otherwise would have been killed in a bullfight.

Christophe wanted to counter prejudices regarding bulls and show everybody just how cruel bullfighting is.


Today, Christophe and the bull, named Fadjen, are best friends and have a very special relationship.

Skärmavbild 2015-08-13 kl. 10.38.38

Fadjen is four times Christophe’s size and his horns can indeed be dangerous. But the amazing thing is that Christophe is completely safe next to him – even when he is wearing the color red, a color that is meant to provoke bulls.


But Fadjen isn’t aggressive at all. He and Christophe liek to lay down in the grass together and enjoy a beautiful sunset. Christophe pets his bull, hugs him and gives him all the love he needs and deserves.


Over 4 million people have viewed their unique and beautiful connection on YouTube, and Christophe is widely hailed for his bold efforts. I can only agree – what an incredible friendship!

Skärmavbild 2015-08-13 kl. 10.37.56


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