This Couple Rescued A Cub. 23 Years Later, He Is A Member Of The Family.

If you are out in the woods and suddenly came face to face with a large bear, you’d probably be extremely terrified. But if it were the bear Stepan that you had the luck of encountering, you’d likely calm down, fast. That’s because the 23-year-old bear is not just any bear – he is in fact a rather unique, cuddly giant who lives with his Russian family and loves watching TV, games and wrestling in the garden.

When Stepan was three-months-old, he was adopted by Russian couple Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko.

“When we adopted him, he was only three-months-old and had been found by hunters in the forest having lost his mother. He was in a very bad condition,” Svetlana told The Daily Mail.

Svetlana and Yuriy took care of Stepan and raised him in their own home. 23 years later, the family of three – Svetlana, Yurik and 136 kg, 2m10 tall Stepan, live happily together in their home in Russia.

Source: Daily Mail

Stepan is, as can be expected, far from a regular bear. He has been extremely friendly over the years and the tame 23-year-old, who has never harmed anyone, loves to socialize.

“Stepan likes nothing more than to cuddle up with us on the sofa at night while we’re watching television,” Svetlana told The Daily Mail.

Source: Daily Mail

Another one of his favorite activities is to play in the garden.

Source: Daily Mail

And like all regular families, they eat together at the dinner table…

Source: Daily Mail

…Or when it’s time for a picnic. Stepans favorite food is porridge with condensed milk. He also eats fish, vegetables and eggs.

Source: Daily Mail

And the cuddly bear doesn’t seem to mind it at all. How cute is this?

Source: Daily Mail

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