This Dog And Duck Have Been Best Friends Since They Were Babies.

Dogs—they’re known as man’s best friend, but Biggie the duck would disagree. And that’s because from Biggie’s perspective, dogs are a duck’s best friend. Biggie met his best friend Occy when he and the golden retriever were both babies. Their owner, Frances Marsh, planned on keeping Biggie with her other ducks, but the unlikely pair proved impossible to separate. “You’ll see them napping together, they eat grass together, they’ll swim together,” Marsh said. “They do everything together.” In fact, they spend so much time together that Occy has completely forgotten he’s a duck. “He won’t actually even eat duck food,” Marsh said. “He eats the dog’s food and drinks out of their water bowl.” Watch the duo wrestle, play in the pool, and have a ball chasing each other around in the hilarious video below.  

An unlikely friendship between a dog and a duck.

Publicerat av Plush Paws Products den 21 februari 2016

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