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This Dog Was Chained Up Outside In Subzero Temperatures. His Survival Story Brought Me To Tears.

Diesel spent the first four years of his life chained to a stake in his owner’s yard. Winters were hard. He lived in the Yukon in the north of Canada, where average daily temperatures stay below freezing from November through mid-February. But Diesel never lost his spirit. In fact, he found a way to keep himself alive, until one day, animal rescue showed up at his owner’s house to give the strong-willed dog a new start in life.

Diesel was raised outside in the Yukon, in the north of Canada, so keeping warm in winter was a constant struggle. 


diesel 1

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To keep his paws from getting too cold, he had to continually pick one paw up off the ground and then the other all winter.


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Chained up and unable move very far, Diesel was unable to flee danger. Once he was kicked in the head by a horse, breaking his teeth and splitting his tongue. And another time, he was attacked by a dog.


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Diesel’s owner grew eventually grew tired of him and contemplating shooting the dog. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise, though because when Animal Advocates heard about, they stepped in and brought Diesel to safety. Within a few days, Diesel was on a plane to Vancouver and on his way to a better life.


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Once in Vancouver, Diesel was neutered, had a benign tumor removed, and had X-rays of his jaw taken. And for the first time in his life, he was given love and attention.


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But Diesel wasn’t ready for a permanent home yet. He needed to go to school to learn about manners and how to listen. And because he was mistreated by his owner, he needed to learn how to be around men.


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Diesel thrived in school and got along well with the other dogs in his class.


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And he really hit it off with one student in particular—Romeo. The two rescue dogs couldn’t get enough of each other.


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When Diesel was ready to be around people, he was finally placed in the loving home he deserved. But other dogs in remote northern Canada still need to be rescued.


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To hear the story of Diesel and other dogs like him, watch the video below and visit Animal Advocate’s website.



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