This Dog Who’s Never Known Love Chooses Her Very Own Toy For The First Time.

Roo had a sad start in life. She was abandoned in a shelter when she was just a puppy and was to be euthanized as no one could be found to adopt her. Although she was a perfectly healthy and very friendly dog, her chances at a happy life were looking slim. The shelter was overcrowded and sadly had no more room for dogs. Roo had thus never experienced anything close to the safety and security of a loving home. She’d never played freely nor had her own toy. But everything changed when Brian Beker found her one day at the shelter. He decided that he would adopt Roo and give her everything she had never had. Today she lives a happily and safely with her owner. In the video below, she visits a pet store to pick out, for the very first time of her life, her very own toy.

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