This puppy wouldn’t stay still, so she put him in a ziplock bag – and the Internet is on fire about it

I’ll never stop being surprised by how cruel people can be. Luckily, this story ended well, but it could’ve gone incredibly wrong!

A mother and her 21-year-old son from Albuquerque, New Mexico wanted to show their friends on Facebook how small their puppy was. Normal people might have put the puppy next to a matchbox or a banana for scale. But this mother had a particularly cruel way to show how small their dog was.

She stuffed it in a ziplock bag.

Her son then took a picture of his mom as she happily held up the bag with the 8-week-old puppy inside it. The mother then posted the picture on her son’s Facebook page—and it wasn’t long before his friends reacted. They reported the incident to the police.

Both the mother and her son were later charged for animal cruelty.

The mother said at the hearing that it was difficult to get the puppy to lie still so they could take a photo. So she thought it was a good idea to put the puppy in a ziplock bag for the photo shoot. In the picture, you can clearly see that the puppy is in grave danger because it couldn’t breathe through the plastic.

Luckily, the puppy survived without damage and was later adopted by a relative of the family.

So what happened to the mother and her son? Well, they learned that you shouldn’t torture dogs. Since the incident, which occurred in 2013, they have been featured in numerous magazines. The mother is one of the most infamous animal abusers in the world, and the picture of the puppy in the ziplock bag has angered hundreds of thousands of people.

Recently, news about the event has begun to circulate around the media again. Watch a news report about the mother and her son’s terrible deeds here:

I really don’t understand how anyone could do this to a living creature. I’m so glad that the puppy survived, and I hope that it lives a good life!

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