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This Rescuer Thinks She Only Saved One Dog. What Actually Happened, Wow!

You’ve heard that surprises come in all shapes and sizes, but surprises don’t usually look like an abandoned white German Shepherd, especially one with demodectic mange covering 70% of her body. But that’s Gemma, who showed up one day at St. Bonnie’s Sanctuary in California. Gemma’s owners never took care of her mange and just dropped her off at the shelter instead. By the time the trouble dog arrived, her mange was so bad that she needed care 24/7. Luckily, help came in the form of Jolene, a volunteer with a heart of gold.

Jolene saw that Gemma was going to need more attention than the shelter could give her. Since the pair had developed a stong bond, Jolene asked her husband if they could take Gemma in while she recovered, and he agreed.

For weeks, Jolene bathed Gemma two or three times a day and cared for her mange. Soon enough, Gemma’s fur was shining once again and she was even gaining weight—except that most of that weight was in one particular area.

So Jolene took Gemma to the vet. After the vet performed an ultrasound, Jolene was shocked to learn that Gemma had been pregnant the entire time—before she had even left the shelter.

Watch this emotional video to see Gemma’s transformation!


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