This Woman Risked Her Life To Save A Kitten From A Drain Pipe. Watch Her Heroic Rescue Here!

After a heavy rainstorm in St. Albans in Virgina, United States, the Westside Volunteer Fire Department were called in to help around the city. Suddenly, a sound could be heard coming from a drain pipe. Upon closer listening, it appeared to be the sound of a kitten, trapped in a drain pipe.

This woman did not hesitate for a second to throw herself to the ground and crawl into the drain, while another held her by her shirt and legs.

Skärmavbild 2015-08-28 kl. 10.20.39
Skärmavbild 2015-08-28 kl. 10.20.53

The determined woman struggled until she finally got a hold of something – the tiny, shivering little kitten.

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Unfortunately, they also found that another kitten had already died. But the woman, who risked serious injury to herself, managed to save the other little kitty’s life.

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After the dramatic rescue, staff took hold of the tiny kitten and warmed it with a towel.

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The poor kitty was pretty shaken up, but pretty lively and certainly happy to have been rescued.

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Such a relief that it all ended well. This woman is really a true hero!

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The kitten was promptly taken to a veterinarian and put up for adoption.

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A huge kudos to everyone out there that helps and rescues vulnerable animals! They deserve all the respect in the world!


Take a look at the video below revealing the spectacular rescue:

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