All thumbs up for these cyclists who rescue a dying horse

A large group of cyclists were out for a tour in France when they suddenly saw something splashing about in a ditch next to the road.

As they got closer, they realized that it was a horse fighting for its life – and the riders immediately decided to intervene.

With every movement, the horse became more and more exhausted, and it began to sink deeper and deeper into the water.

Luckily, the cyclists were at right place at the right time. They immediately jumped off their bikes and ran up to the horse once they realized the danger it was in.

Source: Daily Mail

The cyclists then quickly devised a plan to help the horse out of the water.

While one jumped into the dirty swampish ditch to push the horse from behind, the others helped tie a rope around the horse to gently draw him out to safety.

Source: Daily Mail

Despite the difficulty of their enterprise, the cyclists refused to give up and let the horse die. They fought and fought – and finally, after tremendous effort, the horse was back to safety. Shaken, but in good health and happy and grateful for the cyclists’ help!

Source: Daily Mail

If it weren’t for these cyclists riding by, the outcome of this story would have no doubt been dark. So glad they happened to be going by!

Watch the wonderful rescue below:

I’m so happy that these cyclists stopped to help this horse – such wonderful animal friends! Please share if you also think that their actions deserve to be praised.

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