Thumbs Up To This 13-Year-Old Who Rescued A Dog From A Scorching Hot Car.

Leave a dog in a car on a hot spring or summer day is simply cruel. It is extremely hazardous for the sensitive pets. But sadly, this continues to happen, and man’s best friend suffers at the hands of human negligence, causing dogs to sometimes die from heatstroke. Within just 10 minutes, the temperature in a car can rise to 4 times as hot as the temperature outdoors. At Newsner, we have previously reported on this  important issue. Recently, a new case of this cruelty has been exposed through social media. But thankfully, an unexpected hero lingered around at the right place and right time. The 13-year-old realized he had to act immediately.

13-year-old Bradley North was walking home from school with some friends when he saw something very disturbing in a car parked along the road in the English town of Prestwich.

On this particularly warm day, there sat a lonely dog – with no windows down. It was, needless to say, not hard to imagine how hot it was in there.

When Bradley got closer to the car, the dog was so excited to see someone coming toward the vehicle, he pushed through the closed window, breaking the glass and hanging himself with his leash in the process.

Bradley rushed immediately towards the dog, who lost consciousness, and managed to quickly remove the leash that was suffocating it. The dog regained consciousness.

The 13-year-old stayed by the dazed dog for 15 minutes, until his owner came back to the car. For Bradley, who has his own dog named Keyser, there was never a doubt that he had to intervene.

“I felt really sorry for the dog when I saw them and I just thought about my own dog and that I would want someone to save him if he was in the same position,” Bradley told Express.

Bradley is certainly a true hero for what he did. But this unfortunately shows that many still ignore the dangers of leaving their dog alone in a hot car. Please share this article so others can take time to learn about the dangers this causes our beloved pets.

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