Tiny foal won’t leave man alone after being petted, only to pull stunt that has people doubled over laughing

If there’s one trait virtually all animals share, it’s unpredictability.

Sometimes it can manifest itself in dangerous situations, but it also means that animals are capable of bringing us to tears of laughter … quite literally.

Such was the case when one video clip was able to capture an overzealous foal in the process of demanding a scratch on its backside. Apparently, this young horse gallops to its owner every day, all so he can get a booty rub!

YouTube / Narnianchick

We’re not joking. It may look like a clip from a comedy flick, but it’s just life as usual on the farm for this owner.

As per The Horse, scratching is the perfect way to show affection for your horse or foal, and them seeking a scratch is a common way of trying to get your attention.

YouTube / Narnianchick

Furthermore, it’s said that the act of scratching a horse can help strengthen the bond between owner and animal. The horses see it as a sign of affection and respect, and so often respond well.

In any case, the video below shows beyond all doubt that this farm owner and his foal have quite the connection.

YouTube / Narnianchick

One day, this foal will be a majestic, powerful horse, but for now there’s plenty of time for him to enjoy his youth the right way … with plenty of scratches and attention.

Watch the hilarious clip in the video below:

We’ll never get enough of animals having fun!

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