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Tormented dog completely transforms after animal rescuers save him from the streets

For a long time, street dog Augustus lived a terrible life. His skin and fur were covered in a thick crust and he was neglected by the local community and treated like a monster.

But then one day, everything changed. Animal advocates at Heart of Alabama Save Rescue Adopt saw a picture of Augustus and jumped into action.

Augustus was in the worst condition of any dog that Heart of Alabama Save Rescue Adopt, the vet, and animal welfare inspectors had ever seen.

Image Source: Augustus 2.0 (Facebook)

The homeless dog had a 1-inch crust around his neck and back and suffered from mange and ear infections.

Image Source: Augustus 2.0 (Facebook)

But despite his obvious pain, Augustus was happy and affectionate toward his rescuers.

Image Source: Augustus 2.0 (Facebook)

Heart of Alabama Save Rescue Adopt took in Augustus and immediately brought him to a vet.

There, Augustus received daily treatment including antibiotics, coconut oil baths, and gel to heal his scab-covered skin.

Image Source: Augustus 2.0 (Facebook)

Slowly but surely, Augustus’ condition began to improve. Eventually, the crust on his fur disappeared and revealed the burnt-looking skin below.

Image Source: Augustus 2.0 (Facebook)

Soon, Augustus’ fur started growing back. But his transformation didn’t end there…

Image Source: Augustus 2.0 (Facebook)

Because a few weeks later, the once tormented dog was barely recognizable. Absolutely incredible!

Image Source: Augustus 2.0 (Facebook)

Eventually, Augustus was adopted a woman named Jordan. She gave the dog a lot of love, and he seemed overjoyed to get a second chance in life.

Image Source: Augustus 2.0 (Facebook)

A miracle. So beautiful!

Image Source: Augustus 2.0 (Facebook)

“Augustus. We are so proud of you! You have the best family and a wonderful life. People still ask me if the stories of how we found you are true. All I say is look into his eyes. They were full of life and love then, just as they are now,” Heart of Alabama Save Rescue Adopt wrote on their Facebook page.

Image Source: Augustus 2.0 (Facebook)

Imagine what a little love, care, and attention can do. Please share Augustus’ incredible story as an example of why we need to take care of our wonderful animals!

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