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Traffic Camera Captures Snowy Owl Whizzing By. This Is Absolutely Incredible.

Pictures of animals in their natural habitat can quite often be breathtaking. They’re especially beautiful if captured at just the right moment. But if no one is taking a picture of you, then you may as well do the job yourself. At least that’s what one Snowy Owl recently seemed to decide, as he flew past – and was photographed – by a CCTV traffic camera in the snowy urban city of Montreal, Canada. I really think that this traffic camera deserves some kind of award for snapping these amazing images, which since their release, are going viral.

It was in the urban Canadian city of Montreal that the Snowy Owl was captured as it gracefully flew past a traffic camera stationed on a popular highway.

Photos: Robert Poëti/Twitter



Quebec’s transport minister Robert Poeti shared pictures of the find on his Twitter account. They quickly went viral and has since made the owl an internet celebrity.

Barbara Frei from the Montreal-based McGill Bird Observatory explained the likely cause of the owl’s flight in an interview with CBC News.

“I think they are attracted specifically to the highway because it has open, grassy fields nearby which is perfect for hunting their favourite prey, which is small rodents,” she said.

“They like to get a good lay of the land and the high lamp posts or other posts that they can perch on while hunting just suits them perfectly.” she told CBC News.

Take a look at the amazing video of the owl whizzing by:

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