Unlikely best friends: Parrot meets puppy and says ‘I love you’ in viral video

Parrots can be such fun birds to have around the house, in large part because they’re one of the only pets that can actually talk to you (just be careful of what words you teach them, or you might get a visit from the police…)

But maybe parrots are even smarter than we think — not just repeating overheard phrases but actually capable of real emotions.

That’s what one viral video shows, as a woman’s friendly pet parrot meets his new puppy sibling for the first time, and it’s love at first sight.

Wendy Albright, from Boise, Idaho, loves parrots, so much so that she’s known as “The Parrot Lady” on TikTok and Instagram.

One of her birds is a white cockatoo named Sweet Pea.

Sweet Pea is definitely an affectionate bird. He loves his owner… and knows how to express his feelings.

Videos show Sweet Pea saying “I love you” to Wendy:

Wendy also recently brought home a tiny black puppy, and while she’s careful with how her birds interact with the dog, last week she decided the time was right for Sweet Pea to meet her new puppy sibling.

“I was holding the puppy and the puppy was sleeping and I allowed Sweet Pea to come meet the puppy,” Wendy told KTVB.

With the currently-unnamed puppy asleep, Sweet Pea gently and curiously touched him with his claws. And then, something adorable happened: After Wendy says “Tell the puppy you love him,” Sweet Pea says “I love you!”

Wendy shared the video on social media, and it has gone viral: on TikTok it has been viewed over 30 million times!

Wendy was shocked by how quickly the video took off, but it’s easy to understand why people loved this video: it is a truly adorable interaction between these two animals.

“I think it’s just that the world, in this time that we live in saw that video and just loved the unadulterated love of two animals just caring about each other,” Wendy told KTVB.

Since that adorable first meeting, Sweet Pea and the puppy have become fast friends. Another video shows them playing outside together, and the parrot has even learned to imitate the pup’s barks (Wendy also emphasized that their playtime was “carefully supervised.)

What an adorable friendship. It’s clear that this parrot and puppy will love each other for years to come.

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