UPS delivery man takes adorable selfies with dogs on his break

I love my dogs but I can never get them to stand still when taking selfies. I’ve tried it all but they are just way too wild and jumpy. Maybe they are just not that into selfies!

One person who clearly does not have this problem is Doniel Kidd, a sweet UPS delivery from Louisiana who took time out of his busy day to cuddle up next to one of his client’s beautiful dogs for some adorable selfies. Guess I’ll need to take a tip or two from this guy.

Staci Burns from Louisiana, USA, managed to catch her local UPS delivery man snuggling up with her dogs.

Doniel Kidd had decided to take a break to say hi to her dogs and grab some selfies. Staci, who adores her bubbly UPS man, started filming the sweet moment and later posted it online with the caption: “When you have the best UPS man on the planet…”

Needless to say, her post quickly began to spread like wildfire.

The dogs are in fact no strangers to Doniel. Especially Reba, the brown and white Australian Shepherd.

Source: Rumble

“The red Australian Shepherd that is liking him is my Reba,” Staci told NBC 10. “She went through a phase of running away from home and going on adventures.”

Doniel saw Reba during one such adventure one day, roaming the neighbourhood streets on her own. He immediately recognized the Australian Shepherd. He quickly grabbed the dog and gave her a ride home.

How sweet is that? Now we know why Reba is the one who instantly runs up to him in the video and gives him a smooch and cuddle.

This video really made my day and put a smile on my face. Take a look for yourself below:

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