White peacock shows up in backyard and displays its gorgeous tail feathers

Peacocks—with their famous royal blue and emerald green feathers—are birds of rare beauty. But even more rare, and perhaps more beautiful, are white peacocks.

While usually thought of as albino peacocks, most white peacocks actually have a genetic mutation called “leucism.” Peacocks with this condition have such a reduction in pigment that their plumage lacks color. But what separates white peacocks from true albinos are their eyes. White peacocks have blue eyes, while true albinos have reddish eyes.

The bird caught on video in the clip below really knows puts how to put on a dramatic show. When the video starts, she turns her back to the camera, and then captivates as shakes her tail feathers out until they reach their full span.

But the moment that made my jaw drop was when she spun back around and displayed the full beauty of her feathers. She has the look of an otherworldly ballerina and if Tchaikovsky, the Russian composer of “Swan Lake,” had seen this video, I’m sure that his famous opera would have a different name.

Watch the breathtaking clip below.

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