Why your dog wants to follow you to the toilet – the reason is more important than you think

One of the great benefits about having a dog is that they will – more often than not – follow you everywhere. 

Of course, having something that always wants to be around isn’t exactly practical. After all, there some times when you need your own personal space and private time. When you go to the toilet, for example.

If you’ve ever looked after a dog, you’ll know that they’re happy to follow you around no matter where you go. What you might not know when it comes to your four-legged friend wanting to accompany eternally, however, is why. Here are nine things nearly all dogs do, and what they mean:

1: Classic puppy eyes

Rolling out the ‘puppy eyes’ is something people do when they want something they might not otherwise get. Despite common belief, however, this isn’t why dogs do it. When your dog gives you these eyes, he or she is showcasing an emotional bond of trust with you.

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2. Gift giving

Obviously a dog can’t be expected to go out and buy you a present, but that doesn’t mean they don’t give gifts of their own. Most often they’ll return with something they’ve found and then drop it at your feet. When they do this, it means they want to show you something, or else show their enjoyment at what they’ve discovered.

3. Looking for cuddles

When a dog is completely satisfied, they feel good. If they come looking for you to embrace them, it means they’re perfectly comfortable around you.

4. Noticing when something is wrong

Dogs don’t need to communicate with people to understand something is wrong. They’re great at reading body language, as it happens, and can try and comfort you if you’re down.

5. Following you to the toilet

If a dog tries to follow you to the toilet, it’s a good sign. According to many vets, it’s instinctual dog behavior to go to the toilet together with their ‘pack’.

Photo: Flickr

6. Licking your face and body

If a dog wants to lick your face, it means it’s comfortable with you. For a dog, it’s a way of showing warmth and affection.

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7. A happy greeting

The great thing about dogs is that they don’t hide their feelings. A dog growing excited to see you means they’re truly delighted.

8. Leaning against you

If a dog is rubbing itself on you, or else leaning on you, it means it’s seeking safety and love. All dogs need this from time to time.

9. Crawling around in bed

A dog can make themselves comfortable almost anywhere. If they choose to do so in a bed, however, it’s because they want to be close to your smell and warmth.

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Dogs are amongst the kindest, most loving animals on earth.

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