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Wildebeest lies dying by the roadside – but his friend refuses to give up on him

It’s not every day you see a wildebeest. And to see one wildebeest save the life of another is even rarer. But that’s exactly what this video manages to capture. Wow!

A wildebeest lies completely motionless next to the road. It’s clear that something is wrong and that the large animal is probably dying. But his friend won’t let him give up that easily.

In a desperate attempt to get his injured friend back on his feet, the healthy wildebeest tries to lift him up with his horns. And after several spirited attempts, the effort seems destined to fail. The healthy wildebeest looks like he’s given up before suddenly refocusing his efforts.

With even more power, the loyal friend continues to try to lift up his lifeless companion.

Then, in one last desperate attempt, the healthy wildebeest gets his head under his dying friend’s body and flips him up onto his feet. And together, they run to safety. Amazing!

Watch the incredible video below:

The animal kingdom really is awe-inspiring, and seeing this desperate struggle made my day better.

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