Woman can’t stand seeing this dog with a broken back – cuts vacation short and brings him home

Kiara Ijzendoorn from the Netherlands was on holiday in Greece. The plan was to enjoy some time off on the island of Crete and spend time with her family.

But pretty soon, that all changed.

As the family was taking a little roadtrip through the island, they had to bring their car to a sudden halt when they noticed something trudging slowly across the road.

Kiara soon realized it was a badly injured dog, who with his last strength, was trying to get across the road. 

The dog’s legs were paralysed – the poor dog’s spine was broken. Kiara soon understood that the dog was a stray and lived alone in a barn not far from there.

Kiara Ijzendoorn

She immediately decided she wanted to help him. Every day, Kiara visited the dog in the nearby barn to feed him. After a few visits, they became very good friends. The dog’s name was Fos, which in Greek means ‘shine’.

Kiara knew she wouldn’t have the heart to leave the dog behind when her holiday ended. She took Fos to a local animal rescue organization where he received treatment for his serious injuries. Then she did something amazing: she adopted the dog and arranged that he would return to the Netherlands with her. 

Kiara Ijzendoorn

At the moment, Fos is still not fully recovered from his serious injuries – but is otherwise a very happy pup! And it’s no surprise – not only did he get his life back, he also acquired his very own forever family and home.

Kiara Ijzendoorn

I’m so glad that there are amazing people out there with such kindness and compassion for animals. 

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