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Woman Raises A Moose And Now The Two Share A Unbreakable Bond.

While some babies are born with big personalities that seem to come out of nowhere, most start with a clean slate. Depending on how we raise our little ones, they can grow up to be outgoing shopkeepers into country music or quirky veterinarians with a love of 80’s pop. The same is true in the animal world. We all know dogs with personalities that perfectly reflect their owners. (I like to think my pup as charming, generous and funny!) But we don’t often get to see the results of human parenting in the wilderness. But this woman in Alaska shows what happens when a moose is raised by someone who is both kindhearted and cheerful.

It’s a joy to see the bond that the woman and her moose share. As she pets him, cuddles him and gives him kisses, he responds like the sweet, oversized Newfoundland moose he is.

When it’s time for the moose get a little exercise and trot around the beautiful Alaskan landscape, his owner is right there jogging beside him. And at snack time? Watch what happens when she offerd him bananas!

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