Woman Wakes Up To Trio Of Lionesses Licking Water Off Her Tent.

There’s nothing waking up in your tent on a camping trip in a beautiful spot in the middle of nowhere. I just love waking up to the sound of birds early in the morning and knowing I’m in a wonderful place, but how about lions? Can you imagine waking up to the sight lions licking water off the side of your tent? Well, that’s what happened to Francie Francisca Lubbe on a recent camping trip in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in Botswana. After rain fell the previous evening, three parched lionesses stopped by her tent to quench their thirst while she watched from inside.

Waking up to lions licking water off of your tent sounds like a story your grandfather would tell you about the old days (“But, Grandpa! There aren’t any lions in New Hampshire!”), and it would be hard to believe, if Lubbe hadn’t have filmed it.

Check it out below. I don’t think I could have been so steady with the camera. Could you?

Like many others, I felt a little nervous just watching the clip, but Lubbe called it a privilege. And after the big cats we done with their drink, she took some pictures, which show the lionesses at a bit safer distance. Check them out below!

lion 1
lion 2
lion 3
lion 4
lion 5
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