Woman wonders why she's so tired – sets up camera and is shocked by her cat's behavior each night

Woman wonders why she’s so tired – sets up camera and is shocked by her cat’s behavior each night

When we think of snuggling with a pet most of us would probably think of a dog which often prove to be the most needy and loving of pets.

But when one pet owner wondered why she was waking up tired every morning she realized it was her needy cat who was disturbing her sleep each night.

Susie Allan has had her precious cat Ginger for nearly all 16 years of his life, and the two have formed a special bond.

“He loves attention and spends most days with me when I’m working in and around the house,” she told The Dodo. “He loves his cuddles day or night.”


At night Ginger sleeps on Susie’s bed and demands that she hug him by pawing at her arm but the cat owner didn’t realize just how often this was happening.

When Susie kept waking up feeling tired she wondered what Ginger was doing to to disrupt her sleep so she installed a camera with night vision and was amazed at what she found.

“I wanted to see just how many times this happened during the night, and I was astonished that it went on for so long,” Susie said. “It was fascinating to watch that he meows at me.”


Every night her beloved cat would paw at her arm until she wrapped it around him, sleep for two hours, get up and go about his nightly cat business and then come back to do the same.

She posted the hilarious video to TikTok which soon went viral as many people had suggestions for how to combat her night-time kitty problem such as locking Ginger out of her bedroom. But this smart cat knows how to open door handles.

But, regardless of how many times Susie is woken up she doesn’t mind her needy cat waking her, she’s just happy to have him close by, keeping her warm.

“I love the little ginger floof and am happy when he wants to cuddle,” Susie said. “Maybe I sleep better with cat cuddles.”

I think life is so much better with cat cuddles and I wouldn’t have the heart to put this sweet cat out.

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