World’s cutest doggie hairstylist caught on video dancing with a customer

Dogs are just like people—every one is different. Take water, for example. Some dogs have the time of their lives during bath time, while others are terrified to get their toes wet.

But even the most water-phobic dog has a blast at PetShop Perrito Feliz in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Fifty-eight-year-old Luis Antonio Caballero knows exactly how to get his doggie customers to relax in the tub: he sings and dances with them.

Check out the video below for a very cute example.

Luis runs his grooming service with his wife, Gabriela. And she recently managed to catch her husband on camera while he was bathing a small dog. Luis didn’t know anyone was watching him, and the video really proves how much he likes his job.

Check it out here:

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