World’s only brown panda was rejected as a baby – now he’s finally found a new home

We all know that humans can be horrible sometimes and alienate those who stand out from the crowd.

But this behavior can also be seen in animals. They too sometimes bully each other and even eject their own flesh and blood from their group.

And this is exactly what happened to Qizai, the world’s only brown panda.

When you see the pictures of this cute panda, it’s clear that he’s fine just the way he is.

By the time he was two months old, Qizai had been abandoned by his mother and bullied by his playmates because of the way he looks

Qizai is the only brown panda in the world, and perhaps also the sweetest panda I’ve ever seen.

It’s been tough for this furry little bear. When Qizai was found in a nature reserve in the Qingling Mountains of China, he was weak and malnourished after being abandoned by his mother.

Biologists believe that his mother was a black and white panda and that Qizai’s unique coloring is the result of a genetic mutation. While we think Qizai is lovely as is, animals are instinctual and repel members of their species that don’t fit in. Out in the wild, these animals stand out and become victims of predators.

Although Qizai had a tough start in life, his life took a turn for the better once he was found. Now, Qizai is seven years old and is happier than ever at his home in Foping Panda Valley.

Qizai’s keeper has made it his full time job to ensure that Qizai lives the good life. His day starts at six a.m. with breakfast and ends at midnight. During the day, Qizai eats 45 pounds (20kg) of bamboo!

Qizai ;happy and healthy, but there’s one thing still lacking in his life: love.

Now, biologists are trying to find Qizai a partner to better understand the mystery of his brown color.

We hope Qizai continues to enjoy delicious bamboo for many years to come and that he finds true love, too! Please share to show your support for the world’s one and only brown panda.

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