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Rameeza Ahmad

Rameeza Ahmad is a writer based in Stockholm, Sweden. ‘
Her bylines have appeared in various publications in the last decade, including Insider, In The Know, Polyester Zine, The News International, and more. She covers a large area of topics, which include social interest stories, celebrity news, social media trends, and more.
She joined the Newsner team as a full-time editor in 2022.

About Newsner
Newsner is a modern news magazine offering news that means something for you and your life. Since 2014 we’ve published moving, in-depth stories drawn from the world around us on a daily basis. It’s engaging news that you want to read, share, discuss and debate.

Our captivating content includes everything from TV series fondly recalled from childhood to reporting on breaking, real-world events as they happen. From practical tips to help readers navigate the stresses and conundrums of life to enthralling stories centered around amazing human beings and their incredible feats.

Our ambition is to create authentic, powerful content and at the same time be a positive driving force that seeks to bring people together.

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