Blake Shelton leaves ‘The Voice’ to focus on parenting his 3 stepsons the way his own father taught him

Blake Shelton has been on the judge panel for one of television’s most famous voice competitions since the show began. 

It came as a shock and disappointment to many viewers, then, when Shelton announced he would not be returning as a judge for the next season of ‘The Voice.’ 

The country superstar instead has chosen to focus on his family; specifically, he hopes to be around more to help raise and support his three stepsons. 

Shelton was the figurehead for country music on the show’s 22 seasons and is the longest-running judge on the show since he started season 1 with them back in 2011. 

It was on Instagram that Shelton announced that season 22 would be his final with the show. He mentioned in his post that he had been “wrestling” with his choice for a while, but that he finally realized it was time to make the choice.

The star also explained how thankful he has been to work with his network and colleagues, sharing:

“I’ve made lifelong bonds with Carson and every single one of my fellow coaches over the years, including my wife, Gwen Stefani!”

Shelton went on to thank his fans for all of their support throughout his tenure at the show. His colleagues and fans alike wished him well in response.

The singer’s choice came as a result of the family he gained when he and former ‘Voice’ co-star Gwen Stefani married in October 2020. With their later July 2021 wedding came Stefani’s three sons: Apollo, Zuma, and Kingston.

When talking about his three stepchildren, Shelton said

“I’ve married into a family.”

Shelton has been bonding with the three boys for years, ever since he started dating Stefani back in 2015. Ever since, he has acted as a father figure to the children, often teaching them new skills such as fishing or starting fires on his ranch.


Blake likely learned his impressive parenting skills from his own father, Dick Shelton. The elder Shelton had married Blake’s mother when she already had one son, Blake’s older brother, Richie.

Much like Shelton himself has now done, Dick raised Richie as if he was his own son once he married his mother. Blake has openly taken after his father’s example.

Sadly, Blake’s father passed around the exact time he and Stefani began their relationship. At the time, Shelton requested some time to grieve from fans and the general public.

Later, continuing to reflect on his father’s influence and his own love for Stefani’s three boys, Shelton admitted:

“I can’t imagine my life without these kids now.”

So happy for Blake, Gwen, and the boys. Great that he is putting his family first! But I am going to miss his humor and banter with the other coaches.