Dawn Lyn's husband forced to set up GoFundMe to cover former child star's massive medical debt

Dawn Lyn’s husband forced to set up GoFundMe to cover former child star’s massive medical debt

The husband of Dawn Lyn is asking fans for financial help following the former child star’s brain surgery last October.

Dawn, known for her role on the popular sitcom My Three Sons, fell into a coma after she had surgery to remove a non-malignant brain tumor. She remained in the hospital for eight months.

Monday morning TMZ reported her condition had worsened. Her husband, John Reese, told the outlet Dawn fell unconscious Sunday and was rushed to the ER. Although she was in critical condition, she’s currently stable, though she remains in the ICU.

This latest hospitalization is just one more hit to their mounting medical debt.

LOS ANGELES, CA – FEBRUARY 17: Actress Dawn Lyn arrives for “The Comeback Kids” Los Angeles Special Screening held at Landmark Theatre on February 17, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

In a GoFundMe set up to cover Dawn’s medical expenses, John explained how he and his wife, like many Americans, found themselves in such a mess.

Following her brain surgery, Dawn developed bacterial meningitis and required hospitalization. While the surgery was covered by insurance, the treatment for the complication was not.

“After eight months of hospitalization, the insurances won’t pay any more and it is costing us the full $8k per day to for her to remain in the hospital. She is currently receiving daily therapy and continued treatment. It isn’t a fancy boutique hospital for Hollywood stars or the best hospital in the state where this all began; it is just another Los Angeles County normal community hospital.”

He added even if Dawn were to come home, a caregiver would cost them $5,000 a month.

Brenda Vacarro is protective of her children Dawn Lyn and Andy Stuart, whe their father hurls accusations at her in a scene from the film ‘I Love My Wife’, 1970. (Photo by Universal/Getty Images)

John explained that while insurance paid $2 million for her treatment, they have since stopped, leaving the couple on the hook for what remains.

“It is hoped successful, deep-pockets movie and television patrons will step in, especially with writers and directors on strike and SAG/AFTRA about to join them. Times are tough for the industry. Dawn has been a member of SAG/AFTRA since 1968 and her dues are current.”

As of publication $1,865 has been donated to the GoFundMe.

It always breaks my heart when I heard how people can’t afford medical care. This is something the US needs to fix. We can’t have families continue to go into debt over medical care.