Faith Hill’s youngest daughter Audrey is her spitting image at Versace Fashion Show appearance

Faith Hill is one of country music’s most beloved stars. Whether in the spotlight or in her private life, the megastar has long had fans swooning with her charm and gorgeous voice.

But Faith Hill is remarkable for yet another reason: she truly values family life. In fact, Faith Hill and her long-time husband Tim McGraw have built one of the most well-known and beautiful families in country music.

The two talented superstars married in October 1996 — and haven’t looked back since. 22 years later they are the proud parents of three girls, Gracie, 21, Maggie, 20, and Audrey who recently turned 17.

Faith and Tim met while on tour. When they decided to tie the knot, they also pledged to never be apart for more than three consecutive days.

They now share three daughters, Gracie, Maggie and Audrey, but the parents have been careful to keep their children out of the spotlight as they were growing up.

Instagram/Faith Hill

Faith is not known to be especially active on social media, but makes a point of always acknowledging her girls’ birthdays. She recently did this with Audrey, her youngest, who turned 17.

The beloved country music couple have previously opened up about the difficulties surrounding Audrey’s birth — she was born 8 weeks premature.


“Seventeen years ago, this little precious jewel came almost eight weeks early to us!” Tim wrote on Instagram. “So tiny, but so strong!”


Faith also told Good Housekeeping magazine in a 2007 interview that Audrey’s premature birth is the reason the family starts celebrating the holiday season extra early.


“Our youngest daughter, Audrey, was born on December 6,” she said. “She was eight weeks premature, and we were finally able to bring her home the day before Christmas Eve.”


“So this time of year just feels extra-special to us. And now, every year, to celebrate Audrey’s birthday, we decorate the tree on the sixth,” she continued.

“It’s a little bit of a challenge, keeping a live tree fresh for the entire month of December. But there’s no other way we’d do it: We decorate on the sixth, and it has to be a live tree.”


Faith recently appeared with Audrey at the Versace Pre-Fall 2019 fashion show and the 17 year old looked like a splitting image of her mom — with dark hair.

In addition to the stark resemblance between mom and youngest daughter, just how much Faith doesn’t seem to age left many at the event in awe. Buxo

Best of all, though, is the clear bond these two obviously share! Ramales

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