Mandy Moore adopts stray dog found wandering the streets: “the most unexpectedly wonderful addition”

It’s always great news when celebrities rescue animals, inspiring their fans and followers to “adopt, not shop.”

Recently, actress Mandy Moore went above and beyond, taking in a stray dog and making him part of her family.

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The This is Us star, 39, shared the news in an Instagram post on January 20. Moore writes that her nanny Celina found a dog “wandering the streets for several days,” and Moore and her family decided to give the stray pup a home.

“We weren’t looking for another dog but he was looking for us and the fact that he looks remarkably like our dear Joni made it too impossible to ignore,” Moore wrote. Joni was one of Moore’s dogs who died in 2020 at the age of 12.

The “Candy” singer wrote that the new dog is about 6-7 months old and was not microchipped. They are having him fixed next week. The dog has been named “Marshmallow,” a name suggested by Moore’s 2-year-old son Gus.

Moore said that Marshmallow has been “just the most unexpectedly wonderful addition to our gang.” While Moore’s other pets were initially unimpressed, Marshmallow has been “slowly winning them over.”

She ended the post with the hashtag #adoptdontshop, encouraging others to adopt rescue animals. Many people commented on the post thanking her for taking the sweet dog in.

Moore has been a lover of cats and dogs since childhood and has several pets, including another rescue dog named Jackson and three rescue cats named Fig, Olivia and Peanut, according to Celebrity Pets.

Mandy Moore during Ace of Hearts’ First Annual Hollywood Dog Bowl Hosted by Mandy Moore at Lucky Strike Lanes in Hollywood, California, United States. (Photo by J. Shearer/WireImage)

Moore, a mother of two, has said that caring for her pets helped prepare her for her human children.

“We have three rescue cats now who were our OG children, our OG babies before human babies came into the picture,” Moore told People. “So they’re a very important part of our lives. Very, very important.”

She is the latest celebrity to adopt a rescue dog — others include America’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell, Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o and music legend Billy Joel.

Welcome to your new home, Marshmallow! Thank you to Mandy Moore and her family for giving this beautiful stray dog a forever home!

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