Megyn Kelly’s sister, Suzanne, dies suddenly at age 58

Former Fox News and NBC personality Megyn Kelly is going through a tough time. 

On a recent episode of her podcast, the 51-year-old T.V. personality revealed that her sister passed unexpectedly at the age of 58.

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Megyn Kelly, who is currently running her own talk show and podcast, is mourning the death of her beloved sister.

According to the outspoken broadcast journalist and podcast host, her sister Suzanne Crossley died last week after suffering a heart attack.

On her podcast, Kelly shared the sad news:

”Something really sad happened in my family over the weekend. My sister died, she was 58, her name was Suzanne Crossley and she died suddenly on Friday of a heart attack.”

Even though her sister had not been in the best of health leading up to her death, Kelly did not expect her to pass so unexpectedly. The star was present with their mother, her brother, and one of her sister’s sons when Crossley passed on. 

”So, it was very hard,” the former Fox News anchor said and continued:

”It was extremely emotional. My poor mom, as all moms and dads know, this is not the order in which this is supposed to happen.”

Kelly explained that working for her show this past Monday was a way in which to take her mind off of the past weekend’s tragedy, but that she would be taking off on Tuesday to pay respects to her sister. 

Sadly, this wasn’t the first time Megyn received similar tragic news. In fact, her father died of a heart attack when Megyn was just 15.


Likely to speak on the topic of her sister’s death again, the podcast host has already talked about how this experience is shaping how she sees those she loves:

”It’s just a reminder to hug the people you love. How short and tenuous life is and how important it is to stay close to the people you love. We all can’t be perfect on that front, but we can make a little effort day by day to shoot a text or return a call. I’m never really good at that. So that was a reminder to me.”

The mother of three also became overcome with emotion when bringing up a woman who worked as a caretaker in the home her mother and sister shared. The caretaker called Kelly while the family sat in the hospital to tell her that she was going to have her husband bring her to the hospital to sit with the girl’s mother at this time of crisis. 

After finishing his own chemotherapy treatment, the caretaker’s husband did just that. Kelly cited this act as the “true essence of humanity”.

“That is what it is to be a true human being,” the former Today host said.

At the end of the emotional episode, Megyn asked her listeners for their thoughts and prayers. 

“Spare a prayer for my mom and my sister’s kids and my sister’s one grandchild,” she asked. “I would appreciate it. They‘re hurting today.”