Michael Strahan to miss another week of ‘Good Morning America’ amid ‘personal family matters’

If you’ve watched Good Morning America recently you may have noticed a familiar face has been missing for the past several weeks.

Michael Strahan has been absent from the GMA set since October 26, and according to the morning show, he will remain off air the remainder of this week.

While Strahan, 51, has been off air since the end of October, his ABC News colleagues, Nightline co-anchor Juju Chang and World News Tonight host Linsey Davis have been filling in for him.

In the past, the former NFL star has temporarily left his spot on GMA to fulfill one one of his other obligations, but this time Strahan has also been absent from his analyst position on Fox NFL Sunday.

On Sunday, his colleague, Curt Menefee mentioned Strahan’s absence, noting he was “dealing with a personal family matter.”

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On Tuesday, an ABC spokesperson relayed the same message to People.

“Michael Strahan will not be with us this week as he is dealing with some personal family matters,” they said in a statement. “We appreciate everyone’s thoughts and concerns.”

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Strahan, who has not posted on his Instagram since October 25, has not publicly addressed his absence.

Michael, you and your family are in our prayers. We’ll be here for you when you return to TV.