People stunned after Katy Perry attends Paris fashion show almost naked – ‘what is wrong with her’

People have been left stunned after Katy Perry appeared virtually naked during the Vogue World: Paris runway over the weekend.

The annual Vogue runway show on Sunday, June 23, at Place Vendôme featured other headline-making appearances from Venus and Serena Williams, as well as singers Ciara, and FKA twigs.

Models Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner added to the spectacle by arriving on horseback.

Perry made a bold statement with her surprise appearance, flaunting plenty of skin in an archival Noir Kei Ninomiya dress. The 39-year-old Firework singer stylishly strutted through the entrance and down the runway at the Parisian plaza, her outfit’s geometric shapes and tulle floral embellishments gleaming under the spotlight.

“Introducing @katyperry wearing geometric archival Noir Kei Ninomiya during her surprise appearance on the #VogueWorld Paris runway, immediately electrifying the Place Vendôme,” Vogue announced on Instagram.

Katy Perry walks the runway during Vogue World: Paris. Credit: Marc Piasecki / Getty.

The reaction from fans was overwhelmingly positive. Many hailed her as a queen, with some proclaiming: “Now this is a walk.”

Another fan commented: “Katy Perry’s ability to pull off so many things is my favorite part.”

One admirer humorously noted: “Kinda giving Hunger Games,” while another agreed, adding: “and I’m drooling.”

A third fan summed it up with: “Love it. What a force.”

Though, not everyone was as impressed. In fact, many people thought the dress looked “weird”, with one person writing on Instagram: “What is wrong with her ? ….getting weird day by day!”

Another said: “Remember when women wore clothes and had talent, now they wear no clothes to hide the fact they have no talent.”

“I can’t believe we’ve witnessed talent like Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Helena Christensen, Gisele Bundchin, Linda Evangelista, Yasmeen Ghauri only to downgrade to pop stars like Katy Perry or reality stars like Kendall to walk on runways. So sad,” a further comment read.

Credit: Marc Piasecki / Getty.

Adding to the star-studded event, tennis legends Venus and Serena Williams brought their own blend of sports and fashion to Vogue World 2024.

Venus, who wore a custom Marine Serre design made from repurposed tennis bags, spoke to Vogue about her fashion journey. “I’ve always had a love for fashion and throughout my tennis career, that affinity grew even more,” she shared with Vogue.

Venus emphasized the importance of fashion in her athletic performance, saying: “I truly believe that in order to perform your best, you need to feel your best; before a match, I always think about how I’ll feel in the clothes I wear, how I’ll move in them, how they’ll support me, et cetera. What you wear is so important in tennis.”

Venus Williams walks the runway during Vogue World: Paris in a dress crafted from tennis bags. Credit: Marc Piasecki / Getty.

Serena and Venus Williams both paid homage to their sporting roots while making a fashionable statement at the Parisian plaza.

Serena Williams walks the runway during Vogue World: Paris. Credit: Marc Piasecki / Getty.

Overall, the event showcased a perfect blend of high fashion and star power, with Katy Perry leading the way as she wowed the audience with her bold and stunning look.

What do you think of Katy Perry’s near-nude dress? Let us know your thoughts!


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