Ree Drummond’s children recreate their precious Easter photo from 10 years ago

Who doesn’t love recreating an embarrassing photo from their youth?

The Drummond children recently did that with an old Easter photo, except their picture was anything but embarrassing. It was simply adorable, and Ree Drummond couldn’t get over how much her kids have changed over the past decade.

“I am crying. Where did my little kids go? I miss those little whippersnappers,” she wrote.

The Food Network star has five children with husband Ladd. The couple recently celebrated 25 years together.

In the series of photos, which Ree shared on Instagram and her blog, she commented on her now grown children’s adorable looks from 10 years ago.

“I love this pic, because Todd is a sweet little bowtie-wearing angel, Bryce is a cute little blond sportscoat-wearing cutie-pie, Paige is a darling little braces-wearing braided-hair love-muffin, and Alex is a turquoise dress-wearing loving big sister pookie headed doll,” she wrote.

In the second photo, the recreation, Alex, 24, Paige, 22, Bryce, 19, and Todd, 18, posed exactly the same. And Ree said while she missed the children she knew a decade earlier, “I love the people they are now.”

But wait…there’s more.


Ree shared a third picture which included her foster son Jamar, 18.

In November 2020, Ree wrote about Jamar on her blog. By that time he had been living with the Drummond family for a year and a half, but due to rules surrounding foster children she couldn’t share much information about him.

“Thank you God for these kids of mine. I love ’em so much,” she wrote. “They’re all unique and weird and wonderful. Amen. 😊”

Ree and Ladd have a beautiful family!

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