Sarah Jessica Parker’s latest look for ‘And Just Like That…’ is going viral – ‘Is it a joke?’

Sarah Jessica Parker is no stranger to an odd hat, but this one takes the cake.

Parker, who is currently filming the third season of And Just Like That… in New York, was spotted wearing a “cloud hat” from designer Maryam Keyhani, and netizens had a lot to say about it.

Never mind the fact that Parker’s character Carrie Bradshaw would likely never be caught dead wearing the overly floppy hat, but some fans were simply having a hard time believing an accessory that evoked such “Strawberry Shortcake vibes” even existed.

Most agreed the hat had to go.

“The hat is a no no 👎”

“I had this strawberry shortcake doll back in the 80s.”

“Love the Scholl’s, but that hat looks like a balled up picnic blanket!😂”

“What is with the hat?? My grandma used to use those on her pot lid to make rice 😆😆😆”

“Wearing a diaper bag as a hat, clever!”

“Yikes they need the OG costume person back”

“I never realised just how integral the clothes are…til AJLT and some of the monstrosities the cast have worn.”

While fans weren’t in love with her character’s oversized hat, some were impressed with the choice of her practical shoes, “Ye olde Dr Scholls…”

“And just like that….the worldwide hunt for white Dr. Scholl’s commences 🙌🏻”

What do you think of Sarah Jessica Parker’s hat? Is it comically too big or just the right size?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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