The tear-jerking reason why Jon Bon Jovi will not be performing at his son’s wedding

Jon Bon Jovi may be one of the most legendary rockers of all time, with his band Bon Jovi completely dominating the charts during the 1980s – they’ve sold a whopping 130 million records, making them one of the best-selling American rock bands of all time.

Though, while the frontman may have a legion of fans who think he’s uber cool, he’s also a father to four children who most likely think he is definitely not!

In fact, his 21-year-old son Jake doesn’t even want his father to perform at his upcoming wedding to Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown!

The 61-year-old musician’s future daughter-in-law revealed late last week that he would not be performing at their wedding.

Jon Bon Jovi pictured on stage in 1985. Credit / Paul Natkin / Getty.

Brown, 19, told Today with Hoda and Jenna: “I feel like that’s asking me to go and like, do a full on play for everyone. I think the man needs a break, he doesn’t stop! He’s always doing tennis or singing lessons. I think he needs a break, maybe it’s a three hour break!”

The young British actress agreed with the hosts that her soon-to-be father-in-law would just have to attend her wedding as a guest like everyone else. Though, she did joke that he may find this a little difficult, saying: “That would be wild. I don’t know if he’ll be able to do just that.”

Brown is currently in the midst of wedding preparations, and revealed on the show that her fiancé Jake is helping her. “Jake is very, he’s very involved, he’s very helpful during the whole process. I’ve never felt alone in it, which is very nice. I’m always like, ‘Is this a good idea, is this a good idea?’ But ultimately, it’s just a very intimate day for the both of us and we’re both very excited,” she said.

Jon Bon Jovi’s son Jake Bongiovi will soon marry his longtime girlfriend Millie Bobby Brown. Credit / Jeff Spicer / Getty.

“I love being home with my fiancé and my family. It’s really boring but chopping up the vegetables and going to take them out to my pony is the best part of my day,” the actress continued.

Well, let’s hope that Jon Bon Jovi will be satisfied with taking a back seat on his son’s big day!

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