57-year-old man deliberately coughed and said he had COVID-19 near elderly victim

COVID-19 is no joke. Yes, there are countless memes circulating online, but the virus and its potentially fatal consequences are no laughing matter.

So telling someone you may have it is absolutely not okay.

Police in North Middleton Township, Pennsylvania say that Daniel Tabussi, 57, recently approached an elderly person at a grocery store and deliberately coughed in their vicinity.

According to the report, Tabussi directed the coughing noises at the individual, who reportedly is recovering from pneumonia. The 57-year-old also smiled and laughed while he did it.

Tabussi told the elderly customer he had the coronavirus.


The elderly individual wore gloves and a mask while shopping during the store’s special hours for seniors. The suspect reportedly also made fun of the victim for wearing the mask.

Tabussi has been charged with making terroristic threats, simple assault by physical menace, and disorderly conduct and harassment.

COVID-19 is not a laughing matter and telling someone you have it, when it is in fact no true, will be dealt with accordingly.

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