9-year-old boy uses his birthday money to give his teacher a pay rise

Our teachers are the unsung heroes at the heart of every community.

We entrust them every day to educate our children, help them through tough times, be a mediator and bring their own fun projects into the classroom, often spending their own money to do so.

We all know that teachers don’t get the pay they truly deserve and are not always appreciated as they should be.

Parker Williams/Facebook

But at one school in Florida 9-year-old Parker Williams knows exactly how important his teacher is.

The third grader loves to go to school and thanks to his parents knows that if he gets a good education he’ll have more opportunities later in life.

He really looks forward to seeing his teacher Mrs Chambers who has done so much to help him enjoy school.

“I think she’s a really kind teacher, and she has her own way of teaching, and she spends time on everybody.” said Parker.


When Parker heard that teachers were underpaid he wanted to do something to help his favorite teacher.

For his birthday Parker received so many gifts including $15 in cash and knew immediately what he wanted to spend it on.

He arrived at school with his birthday money and a handwritten note saying: “Dear Mrs. Chambers, I don’t think that teachers get paid enough for what they do. So will you accept this gift.”

Mrs. Chambers welled up reading the sweet note from Parker which reminded her just how grateful Parker was to have such an amazing teacher.


“Teachers put their all in all the time. We often take work home. Our day doesn’t end when the bell rings. It’s so great that Parker realized that we do a lot extra.” said Mrs. Chambers.

Mrs Chambers returned the money to Parker saying she was so grateful for the gesture but couldn’t take his money, adding students like Parker was the reason she teaches.

‘More kids like Parker’

Parker’s dad found the note from his teacher in his school bag and had to share on Facebook.

Hundreds reacted to the post and commented on Parker’s sweet gesture.

“Wow!!! That’s awesome we need more kids like Parker in this world,” one person wrote.

So I found this in Parker’s folder this morning.Dear Mrs. Chambers,I don’t think that teachers get paid enough for what they do so will you accept this gift?

Posted by Darrell R Williams on Thursday, October 31, 2019

While a former teacher wrote: “From an old, retired elementary school principal : I’d love to have this sweetheart of a teacher on staff! Such a kindly put response to this awesome young man! Teachers, like you, are the reason I lasted 30 years in the profession! Hats off, and thank you!”

His mom Jennifer Williams said whenever her son gets birthday money he has to give 10 percent of it to charity but by giving all of it away shows just how big this little boy’s heart is.

Teachers left with increasing debt

The average teacher salary for kindergarten and elementary school teachers in the U.S. is under $60,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Teaching requires at least an undergraduate education and with the rising cost of education in the U.S. coupled with the low pay teachers receive at the end of it means many of them are left saddled with debt.

What a wonderful gesture Parker and a great way of highlighting the impact teachers have on our lives; they are crucial and we should do all we can to encourage people to teach and attract the best people.

Teachers do not get paid enough in the U.S. and this must change. Please share if you agree.