Man who mows lawns for veterans delivers food amid coronavirus crisis

Alabama man who mows lawns for veterans now also delivering free meals to senior citizens

When Rodney Smith was just 15 years old, he came across an elderly man struggling to mow his lawn.

After helping the gentleman, the Alabama student was inspired to help as many people as he could mow their lawns focusing on the elderly, veterans, disabled people and single moms.

Out of that came an organization that is not only helping those in need around the U.S. but also inspiring other kids to do the same.

As founder of Raising Men Lawn Care Service Rodney has inspired over 700 kids from all 50 states to take up the beautification challenge and mow 50 lawns in their community.

He then sends them a different colored t-shirt for every 10 lawns they mow to eventually reach a black t-shirt in lawn mowing.

Set up in 2015 while the Bermuda native was a student at Alabama A&M University, the organization’s motto is “Making a difference one lawn at a time.”

During the current pandemic there is an even greater need to lend a helping hand. In Rodney’s local community he, along with other local big-hearted helpers, are delivering free meals and supplies to veterans, the elderly, single mothers and people with disabilities.

Thanks to donations from others Rodney is able to mow people’s lawns and drop much-needed supplies off outside their doors as part of a service he is calling “mow and drop”.

“People have been donating money for hand sanitizer, fresh fruit, water, toilet paper and other items for those who can’t get outside of their house,” Rodney told

Rodney has used social media to find those in need in his community and further afield and instead of giving the residents a hug after mowing his lawn, he now takes a selfie with them.

He remains modest about the good work he’s doing telling Fox 17 News that he is “just a man on a mission from God.”

Meanwhile, Rodney’s 50-state mowing tour is postponed due to the coronavirus crisis and he remains close to his local community.

“I’m just mowing and doing what I love to do best: helping others,” he said.

Such an inspirational man. Thank you for your service Rodney and for inspiring so many young minds to give back!

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