Army veteran prepares meals for truckers stranded on icy roads during storm

As many states in the U.S. have declared a state of emergency following unprecedented winter weather drivers have faced dangerous road conditions.

A powerful storm brought high winds and blizzard conditions to parts of the Midwest last week as ice and snow continue into this week causing many crashes and mishaps on the roads.

In Iowa the roads were littered with stranded cars and trucks, in Oklahoma a 29-car pileup due to icy road conditions left several people hospitalized and roads shut, and in Wisconsin, dozens of people who were ice fishing needed to be rescued from ice floes in Lake Michigan.

Meanwhile, the bad weather front continued moving across the nation and in Mississippi snow arrived for the first time in decades, as drivers attempted to travel in conditions they’d never experienced before.

Snow closed a major highway into the Mississippi city of Vicksburg leaving many truckers stranded in freezing conditions.

So, one woman decided to help the cold and hungry truckers, some of which had been stranded overnight, and prepared meals to keep them going.

Evelyn Fletcher cooked 65 meals at her home on Monday to feed the stranded drivers.

“Just show people who God is outside the four walls of the church because we go to church,” the retired U.S. Army veteran from Clinton said.

“We are a fellowship, but what good is it if we’re not helping our fellow man and woman?”

After posting on Facebook about cooking the meals the community came together to help her in her heroic quest with delivery drivers reaching out to offer to take the food to the truckers.

This is why I do what I do. It has been an honor to serve as your alderman these last two terms. I know so many…

Posted by Jim Martin for Alderman / Ward 2 on Wednesday, February 17, 2021

On Tuesday she partnered with local catering company T’Beaux’s Crawfish and Catering in Clinton to help provide a shrimp plate, gumbo and water.

Molly Kate Adams’s family owns T’Beaux’s Crawfish and Catering. They cooked the seafood dishes and packed them with water for a second day of food deliveries.

“We just wanted to help the community out,” Molly told WLBT News. “Some businesses are still struggling because of COVID. They don’t really have the extra food, but if you can it’s nice.”

Meal for tomorrow. Most truckers are gone. However, the hotels are still full with guests and some staff are staying…

Posted by Evelyn Fletcher on Tuesday, February 16, 2021

As if a year dealing with a deadly virus isn’t enough now we have unprecedented weather conditions closing roads and shutting down our power supplies.

Thank goodness for community spirit; knowing we can come together in a crisis is a comfort during such challenging times. Thank you Evelyn!

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