Daughter of firefighter killed in shooting wears dad’s jacket to graduation as 300 of his colleagues attend

Hundreds of firefighters came out to support a teenager who lost her firefighter father in a senseless shooting just two days before her graduation.

Tory Carlon, a 44-year-old firefighter from LA, lost his life when a co-worker shot him multiple times and also wounded the Agua Dulce station fire captain.

The shooter, who was a firefighter specialist and engineer, was found dead inside a burning home in Acton, California, about 10 miles from where he committed the crime.

His daughter Joslyn was just days away from her graduation, and despite the heartbreaking tragedy she and her family had just experienced she was still determined to receive her diploma. But what Joslyn didn’t know is the amount of support she would receive on that day.


Draped in her father’s fireman jacket she marched onto the stage to receive what was rightfully hers and was overcome with emotion.

Thankfully her father’s colleagues, some 300 from the firefighting and law enforcement community, were also there to support Joslyn, ensuring that she felt her father’s presence during such a milestone moment in her life.


On graduation day, there was a line of red fire engines parked in the lot of Saugus High School and hundreds of firefighters dressed in black and blue lined the path where Joslyn walked.

The beautiful moment was caught on camera and you can hear Joslyn receiving her diploma to loud cheers and applause from all those who came out to support her.

An emotional Joslyn then left the stage, guided by those around her and then took the sheriff deputy’s arm, who is a close friend of the family.

When such tragedies like this occur it’s so wonderful to see the community coming together to show strength and support for this young woman who has lost her father so suddenly. My heart goes out to her.

I hope she can find the strength and courage to continue on her path of success and achieve greatness knowing somewhere he’s looking down on her and beaming with pride. Please share.