Police discover stolen 400-pound playground slide in child’s bedroom

While investigating one crime, a California detective solved a bizarre mystery that was first brought to their department’s attention in December.

Who stole a slide from a playground?

According to the Pasco Police Department, detectives were investigating the recent theft of catalytic converters. A suspect was named and patrol officers quickly located the suspect.

After the police obtained several search warrants they were able to enter the suspect’s home in Burbank, California. While searching for the stolen catalytic converters, Detective Julie Lee spotted something that didn’t belong inside the mobile home, a 400-pound playground slide.

20-35466: Detective Julie Lee strikes a pose with the recovered slide!

Posted by Pasco Police on Tuesday, March 9, 2021

The slide had been repainted and attached to a child’s bunkbed.

Local reports say that Dustin Allen Bushnell, 30, was arrested for possession of stolen property, however no one was arrested in relation to the stolen catalytic converters.

20-35466: Suspect Dustin Allen Bushnell.

Posted by Pasco Police on Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Congratulations to the police for solving this bizarre mystery!

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