Restaurant will use mannequins to enforce social distancing when it reopens

As restaurants gradually begin to reopen their dining rooms most will be faced with the difficult task of making sure they comply with social distancing guidelines.

One restaurant in Amsterdam installed little huts, so customers could enjoy a night out while also maintaining a safe distance from others. But many other businesses will simply rearrange their dining rooms or block off seating to accommodate their smaller crowd.

While many may welcome a more intimate setting, the Inn at Little Washington, a three Michelin star country inn and restaurant in Virginia, has a solution for those who might feel awkward with all the extra space.


Beginning May 15, restaurants in Virginia may serve customers at half capacity, but only outside. The Inn plans to open on May 29, so if restrictions are eased by then customers may sit amongst mannequins while they dine inside.

A spokesperson told Eater that the “sets,” which are still being worked on will align “within the whimsical vein of the Inn’s reverently irreverent approach to hospitality.”

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