Sheriff’s deputy helps mom of 6 deliver baby on side of Florida highway

A Hillsborough County deputy was in the right place at the right time Sunday when a panicked driver approached him and indicated his wife was about to give birth on the side of a Florida highway.

Master Deputy Daniel “Red” Jones called for help and then immediately “sprang into action,” according to a press release from the sheriff’s office.

Moments later a healthy baby girl was born on the shoulder of Highway 60 in Plant City.

Police later released bodycam video showing Jones helping the mother of six deliver her daughter.

In the video the 21-year veteran can be seen holding the woman’s hand and encouraging her to continue to breathe.

The two carried on a conversation as they waited for additional assistance, but it quickly became clear the baby was not going to wait. The mother of six told the deputy her baby was “coming,” and within minutes a healthy baby girl was delivered.

The video then cuts to Jones holding the newborn for the proud mama to see.

“That’s a beautiful sound,” he said as the little girl cried for the first time. “Look at your pretty little girl.”

Hillsborough County Fire Rescue arrived on scene shortly after the child was delivered, and they transported both the mother and newborn to the hospital for evaluation.

Sheriff Chad Chronister praised Jones for his quick response and his dedication to serving his community and noted, “This is his third time assisting a citizen with delivering a baby! While delivering in the front seat of a car was not the original birth plan, Master Deputy Jones reassured the mother of six that she was in good hands. I wish mom, dad, and their new baby girl all the joy and happiness. Congratulations!”


Congratulations to mom and dad, and thank you to Master Deputy Jones for helping to delivery a new life into the world!